Don't be My Ally

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Submitted: September 25, 2018

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Submitted: September 25, 2018



Used to think ally a bad word.

War history of countries allied for destruction, 

United for disunion. I don't trust you now. 

Ally altercations of congratulations for shutting shit down

When you pass this living mob in one body, 

But you don't stop to join the ruckus

You don't join me, just stare

Never care, barely a flare of empathetic energy.


Don't be my ally.

Don't be my ally.

Word marred with the bombs of Hiroshima.

Word scarred, carved with US militant knives

Word that knows no cries

Instead hides behind screens

Instead of joining the screams. 


Let’s make an alliance to never be allies

Instead be my accomplice. 

Our crime?




Amor nacido de dolor. 

Crimes committed for

Black vidas

Brown vidas

Trans vidas

Disabled vidas

Immigrant vidas

Jotxs vidas

Vidas brillando with resilience. 

These crimes committed for humanity,

Protecting people from problematic government property.

Don't be my ally.

Don’t be my ally.

Be my partner in crime.

Be my partner in protest.

Be my accomplice.

Be an active accomplice, 

Showing up with weapon in hand, your voice

Knowing you have a choice. 

Ability of transgression with little fear of incarceration. 

Ask me how I’m doing

Let me vent

Without feeling resent.


Join me, accomplice. 

Fight with me for ultimate bliss. 

Clasp your hands with mine, link your arms with mine. 

Unbreakable links

Unbothered by pet pigs n their proprietors.

Together a chain of mighty metal modeling modern unity. 


And when la chuparosa swoops down low

With her wings winking blinking

Iridescently outspread

Finally setting us free from injustice and atrocity

I want you there with me.

Be my accomplice

For the crime of all time.

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