Your Prick

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Submitted: September 26, 2018

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Submitted: September 26, 2018



It was all you ever had

You used it to pave the way

Going from one woman to another

From those soft brown lips of yours

That were always moistened 'jus in time

To penetrate 'n part my lips

And discover every inch of me with your tongue

It's like you were searching for treasure

Over and over again

Your kisses were like smoking weed

Intoxicating & mesmerizing

B'cuz you always went the extra mile

And now I know why

It's true, you're older & well seasoned

Although in hindsight

You had to stay on top of your game

Until the relationship bubble burst each time

For someone your age, you look fine

Don't get me wrong

You've got the washboards abs

Frigg'n muscles for days

You're the Adonis that women die to be with

You say you've been selective

But there's been so many more women

I know who were duped just like me

Some raising your children

That you never see

Others had similar situations 'jus like me

You've been in so many relationships before

You should have seen the signs

I gave everything until I could give no more

I set you up in business

But chances are you'll still sit at home

Smoking weed & making dinner every day

In exchange for having someone else

Like me as your slave

Up at 5:45 am each day & off to work

In rain, sleet, snow or hail

Off to collect a pay cheque, so you could eat

I followed in their footsteps

Because I thought I could make a difference

And inspire you to get focused

To take the world by storm

But in the end they all put up with

Your anger & antics, just like me

I realized the other day that all you have left Is your prick

B'cuz we all know you can't control your mouth

You came into this relationship with it

It's what you're leaving with

I hope it finds a place to call home

B'cuz it doesn't live here anymore

You used it to manipulate me

Into thinking you actually gave a shit


© Copyright 2019 Wild Roberts. All rights reserved.

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