Raise Up An Army.

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Paula's botfriend was always talking about raising up an army...

Submitted: September 26, 2018

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Submitted: September 26, 2018



Dorothy had this secret of opening her daughter's letters, and reading the content, then closing it back, so it looked as if it had not been opened. On this day, Dorothy opened a letter and read that her daughter's boyfriend was busy building up an army so that he could come and get her. Dorothy said to Paula, her daughter, after Paula had read the letter, and told her mother what was in it. ''I told you to keep away from that boy. He has crazy ideas. I don't where he's going to get an army from. he's barmy!'' Dorothy said.
''he's not that bad, ''Paula told her mother. ''Just need to grow up a bit. I know he doesn't take much to you. Sometimes he talks in ways that even I don't understand him.''
''Naturally, he won't like me because I can see through him. he's not the right one for you.''
Paula said, ''I know you mean well, mum, but let me decide rfor myself. I'm quite old enough.''
''Okay, have it your way, but I just don't like that boy!''

Paula met Jamie and said to him, ''What's this about you raise up an army to come and get me. ve got my mother cursing you You have to stop talking foolishly.''
''It's not foolish,'' Jamie said. ''I know you've been planning to go away, and not tell me where you're going. Why do you want to do that?''
''It's not to get away from you, that's for sure. There's no one else, so you don't have to worry about that.'' Paul said.

A couple days later, the mother at breakfast looked out the window and couldn't believe her eyes. there were soldiers all around the house. She said to Paula, '' That bloke of yours wasn't joking.''

The End.

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