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Submitted: September 26, 2018

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Submitted: September 26, 2018



Hey black girl

with your brown skin and those kinky curls. 

You are beautiful.

with a heart of gold and a beautiful soul.

You are amazing 

you are worthy and you matter.

So don’t you ever, ever allow anyone to tell you differently. 

 I wish every little black girl felt this way.

 Back in the day I would look at magazines and I would see chicks  with long hair fair skin and those slim jeans.

 I couldn’t relate because they didn’t look like me.  All I asked was for just a little variety.

I mean all shapes all sizes or colors I’ll beauty.

 So I wrote this piece.

I wrote this piece for the little black girl in me  Who sometimes deal with insecurities  of not being enough or simply being too much.  

Put down by my own people

 I would hear things like girl you too black or your hair is too nappy.

well my melanin is rich and my fro I wear it proudly. Being the queen that I am it symbolizes my crown 

 So I don’t really care about your stares your looks nor your frowns because I am in love 

 In love with myself and that is why I wrote this piece. 

 I wrote this piece for the woman that I am so striving to be who no longer deals with those  insecurities but instead she speaks and she speaks to the little girl in me.

And she says 

 Hey black girl with your brown skin and those kinky curls

you are beautiful. 

With so much class and a sprinkle of sas

you are incredible.

you are fierce and you are a queen.

so don’t you ever, ever allow anyone to make you feel differently. 

© Copyright 2019 Kiana Denise. All rights reserved.

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