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Submitted: September 26, 2018

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Submitted: September 26, 2018



Infinity descibes limits 

limitless like time would seem 

but life can be 

a quick trip like guilt trippin

incurable by lean sippin tho I lean while sippin henny 

that brown liquor got me lickin her brown skin skinny dippin in her garden of fruits she’s a guardian of truth safe guarding the trues no religion but no I’m no atheist Ima nativist believing divinity is purely expressed through nature nurtured within a spirit so more is meant when saying ‘Let your soul glow’ gotta let ya aura flow to grow like plants on Mother Earth or is it Dirt Mother. I get confused when out of tune with how the universe uniformly unifies uniqueness meaning differences could never exist, fixed equilibrium balance beams like the sun & moon mingling to frequencies of energy or vibes it’s all paired ya see initially dispersed across the omniverse now its rooted in humans you’ll feel it too the moment you open ya mind we’ll reach the ending in time but rewind to the beginning the purpose for living is to learn all there is to know add to the growth as you olden & golden gone head pass it on cuz even once you’ve passed on what’ll remain intact is that spark of life thriving on transformed and the cycle’s reborn. 


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