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Submitted: September 26, 2018

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Submitted: September 26, 2018



Emotion is a gate to the mind. Something I cannot define. It seeps down to my soul. I sympathize it as a hole.

I do not at all feel complete. I feel lost as obsolete. "Emotion" possessed me. I feel like the abductee.

Escaping from my own insecurities. Should be my priority. How society done this. How it afflicted this conflict.

Deep within my mind. I'm broken, as this world is unkind. "Emotion" grew, for it knew. It could stick to me like glue.

Controlling my thoughts. It led me to distraught. I should find the key. To free myself from the misery.

How my mind is like the stars. "Emotion" struck it with a thousand scars. If only I could reverse the hate. And turn it into something great.

I could be the conquer. "Emotion" would forever wander. It would leave me alone. So I would not feel as a drone.

I hope "Emotion" would a-new. And become the me I once knew. How I wish "Emotion" could morf into "Happy." A feeling I'd like to have quite frankly.

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