The Faces of Many

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The people around you are loving, kind, and supportive of you... just above the surface. What do they really feel underneath the masks they wear?

Submitted: September 26, 2018

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Submitted: September 26, 2018




I am a man of many masks.  I try to put on the right one for every occasion, the one that people would expect me to wear. For instance, when I’m around people having a good time, I in turn put on the mask of happiness...yet underneath the mask rests the real face of loneliness and fear.  Often times I wonder about the face underneath the fake...why does he act the opposite of what he should be feeling?  

The truth is that he has been fooled before...others wear masks as well, ones that may cause him more loneliness. Maybe getting too close to another mask-wearing tormented soul will make him forget that everyone day, be it by choice or by nature, will leave the man underneath the mask.  But for now, it would seem like a blessing...for awhile he would not be alone.  The masks pile up as he tried to satisfy the others as they do the same. How many of you act happy but deep down you are drowning...drowning in past torments and present abandonments?  ...  

Just keep piling on the masks, for no one will understand or even care why you are how you are. They will seem to care but this is only their own mask of caring. But in reality, they will laugh and talk behind your back...whispers of thoughts you left festering under the mask for all those years.  Can you really trust another with your darkest secrets?

So, endure the loneliness my masquerade guests, dance and be “merry”!!  But when your home alone in the dark staring at the ceiling, remember the more masks you wear, the easier it is to suffocate.  Moral of the wary to who you share your true self with, for most people hide their true intentions until it’s too late.  The mask they wear could be hiding the face of betrayal.

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