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Submitted: September 26, 2018

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Submitted: September 26, 2018



Jesse James

Among the masses
I am just a grain of sand, a man of passion,

yet I pass on by

the focused eyes

of passers by

in traffic.


I’m entrapped within the lines of mediocrity.
My status


that all ignore


what I would have them



If only I could capture their attention

I would tell them
things a dreamer dreams

when mingled with the wisdom God developed and imparts to men in secret

when they secretly approach Him.

Seeking earnestly to hear

what He would say

to one unnoticed.


Such as I,

for I am one who anonymity has chosen

as a friend

though I would cast him off

and trade him for exposure,

or a close up.

Though I know that it’s in vain to be acknowledged and counters precious wisdom

binding men to lies, through gossip.

Making gods of men

then tasking men

to slay them for the profit

of the throne they leave in vacancy

but they can’t see the target.


Moved from them,

the ones they vanquished,

now to rest upon THEIR carcass.

It’s a cautionary tale

yet many fail to be admonished.


It’s the tail of Jesse James

and many others who are like him.

To become him,

is to die his death.

The coward closely stalks him.


So it’s better,

I have come to understand,

to go unnoticed

unless its from a righteous stance

you stand out from the ocean.


Only harm can come through vain pursuits
of fame and notoriety.
The giant raises up a David,
David raises up a sling.

I’d rather keep myself from harm

unless the harm that comes to me
finds me living life for Truth

instead of dying for prestige.


Greatness isn’t truly great

unless obtained through selfless means.
For once the aim is shallow fame
A shallow grave is dug for kings.


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