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Status: Finished  |  Genre: True Confessions  |  House: Booksie Classic

You'll never find peace of mind until you listen to your heart.

George Michael

It feels as if I have a been on a beautiful journey with self

Over the mountains through the valleys, my soul I have met

Cadence of enticements to make my heart swoon and melt


Whispers heard weakening choices

Confusion of the mind, invitations of heart, from so many voices

Here, I sit alone, among quite, required peace

A beautiful blending of my heart, my mind, my body, now at one with me

If I don’t reach out, it’s my soul I try to remain to keep

My body as an instrument, as honey slowly seeps

In my corner, if I sit and don’t yell out

Request of my creed, lust, desire, passion, I refuse to shout

Curtains are drawn from life’s prying eyes

Just me, myself, and I

Depravation of peace of mind 

Seeking sanctuary where I can be still, relax, as I sip on a glass of white wine

Mental popularity, who really needs it

It comes with a high price of vanity, and services of the lips

Thrusting and sinking emotional dips

Mentality of your beliefs slowly slips

No longer can locate self-worth in a darken abyss

Lust, fame, playing the seductive game

Private invitations, unlit you somehow forget your own webcam name

Need rest, as I lay a pillow over my cloudy head

Blocking out the world, the images, or any words I’ve practiced and may have said

Where are thou my handsome Phantom lover

Sail a kiss to my lips on the soft winds as your armor of protection hovers

Suspend my mind in animation, as I surrender my mind, my heart to you, under silken covers

Come unto me, as you allow me to recharge my weary soul

A state of mind where intellectual stimulation flows as it consoles

Sacred words to thy heart whispered, entwined souls soar past the horizons as they cajole


Submitted: September 27, 2018

© Copyright 2021 Kemy2U. All rights reserved.

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This is phenomenal, Kemy... So eloquently written, my friend.

Thu, September 27th, 2018 2:32pm


Thanks a million Jaylisbeth. I hope all is well within your monarch. Thanks for reading and then taking the time to comment. Have a great day enjoying the autumn weather.

Love and Hugs,

Thu, September 27th, 2018 7:43am

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