meeting the cosp in london

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i belong to a face book group called "fairness for single people" i have a friend an ultra ego who belongs to "community of single people". on september 22nd in london uk he met up with the group founder and london based group members. the group is worldwide with large numbers in the states and facebook users applying to join every day. if you are interested in single people issues you can join. you do not have to be single you could be curious or want to support and recognize that single people exist!

Submitted: September 27, 2018

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Submitted: September 27, 2018



September 22nd 2018 and I was on the National Express bus heading for London Victoria newspaper in hand bag with sandwiches and camera.

From The coach station onwards to Golders Green then a bus ride to Kenwood House were despite the drizzle I would look round the gardens have people talk and acknowledge me sit down for a cake and ice cream when the paper came in useful for its reading and Sudoku to help pass the time.


Four O'clock first meet up time Bela passed me as I queued to purchase a coffee still I joined them and introduced myself.

Their was Bella, Carol Lorraine and later we were joined by Eva conversation flowed interesting and excited. An hour later we were heading to Kings Cross where a table was booked for four. Lorraine was not joining us however as a single person she was returning to the festival on the grounds for the evening events. The next day she would return again despite the weather and in the days to come Lorraine would return to Asia spreading the word on choice.


In the restaurant we sat and ordered again conversation flowed and I was listening intently as Bella explained her influence. As a sociologist she had done much research and written on "Singlism" the discrimination stereotyping and stigmatizing of single people, explaining how they can still live happily ever after.

In her early days she noted the discrimination and started a scrap book. It was only when she started talking to others that Bella realized it was not her and others concurred with her. Thousands have read her books and Millions round the world face this discrimination she calls "Singlism" thousands join the group "Community of Single People".

Carol had volunteered to be the meet and greet person meeting Bella at arrival and escorting her to her hotel ensuring she arrived safely overcoming a problem. In her book Bella explains the benefit of a support group for single people on that day Carol was the support person on another day may be Carol will be the supported Single person.

Eva offered so much that impressed us Bella especially admired her creative art work and another string to Eva's bow was her work with women in abusive relationships.

What impressed me most about Eva was her enthusiasm to travel taking the opportunity that many of her friends were jealous of. Wether in the United Kingdom or some far country the other side of the world Eva traveled took pictures and returned safely and bravely. Doing something alone is what so many fear and scares many. Eva showed it is possible it may not be for everyone and Eva respects those who choose to be married and coupled. I concur with that as long as they respect the singletons who either through choice or circumstances live alone and travel solo.

It was still raining when we left the restaurant and walked via Kings Cross station where Bella concluded her short walk to her hotel. The next day Bella would take a tour of London for it is a must see city and you can do it alone while making friends.

Carol and Eva traveled on the underground to their respective London abodes.

For me it was back to Victoria Coach station a coffee, cake Newspaper and another Sudoku completed before catching the coach home arriving back on my bed at 2am Sunday morning.

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