Soulmate Embrace (Universal Love)

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I wrote this, in 2018. It's part of my 10th poem set, Remembering Relapse.

I, told, myself, long, ago, that, there, isn’t, much, use, in, trying to, rescue, someone, that, caused, the creation, of, their, own, grave, but, a wondrous, woman, found, it, necessary, to save, me, anyway.

She, supernaturally, healed, my, soul, that, was, deteriorating, with, her, universal, love, purely, embracing.

We, both, knew, we, belonged, together, when, our, feelings, and thoughts, displayed, to us, how much, alike, we, were, as, individuals, that are, foreign.

I, was, not, fortunate, with, many, different, women, throughout, a decent, portion, of, my, life, but, the woman, I, have got, now, she is, worth, much, more, than, a fortune.

I, understand, more, of, what, you, meant, with, each, moment, that, passes, because, all, of, my, sufferings, were, worth, the continuous, fighting, now, that, I, have you, right, by, my, side.

When, we are, by, each other's, side, and, when, our, minds, are aligned, it is, those, intimate, times, that will, help, me, feel, fully, alive.

Our, futures, have been, eternally, intertwined, by, this, galactic, soulmate, embrace, that is, shining, blissfully.

Soon, we’ll combine, our, full, powers, to create, another, universe, where, we, will build, our, new, perfected, paradise, together, and, live, every, day, in, harmony, as, a loving, family.

Submitted: September 27, 2018

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