over it. (part 1)

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i'm working on it and i know its bad. i am a really bad writer and this is my first story ever written.
please enjoy.

Submitted: September 27, 2018

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Submitted: September 27, 2018




I wake up screaming, it’s natural for me to wake up to nightmares after the accident.

I was on a plane when it happened to go on vacation with my wife Jessica after months of hard work, we just felt like we could have taken a break especially for the baby, I found out she was pregnant 3 weeks before the incident I was the happiest man you could ever see with the vacation and the fact I knew I was going to have a new son in a few months. But then it happened….so fast, the last thing I remember was the wing blowing up, the screams of terror filled my ears until I was forced to hold them shut, the remarkable pain forcing through my body. I blacked out because of it waking up in a hospital, the doctors said that I was one of 4 survivors, Jessica was not among them.


“So have you been experiencing nightmares still?” asked Doctor Richard

“Of course or else I would be out of this dump” i reply in a cocky tone, I know he is trying to help me but he can’t help me get over the fact my wife is now dead along with my child with her, “you're here because you have PTSD and depression. Now, will you allow me to help you for one day mister Cathworn?” I can tell he is frustrated by the tone he said that but trying to hide it. “Fine doctor try to work your magic and make me better with one talk. Or are you just going to give me more pills and shoo me away again?” I know you already think I'm a jerk but you don’t know what pain I'm going through, the memory will be locked away like a safe, unable to open. “Well, I have to every week to make sure you have a full stock. As long as you don’t use too much of it but now I am here to talk to you about a project” I can see he is tired as usual, “project? What do you mean by that doctor?” I don’t trust this one bit who would if someone just says they need help with a “project”? But I decide to say “Fine. I just want to go home”



Doctor Richard gave me a purple pill and told me to take it before I go to bed, but I do not trust this pill especially how rude I been to Richard and I honestly think it's poison. Later I thought how ridiculous it was thinking that but instead of taking it i just stared at it for a long time “what could it do?” i thought to myself, but I took my chances and took it anyway not that I have much to live for anyway, I went to sleep hoping it was just a relaxer making the nightmares less frequent...but I was wrong, it came right when I went asleep.


I was in the plane the wing just blew up and the screams started….usually in nightmares I feel like I have no control and it just repeats over and over but this time was different... I feel like I can do what I want to do it feels...like I'm really there again “what the f-”I wake up, scared is not the thing I am feeling after that I know only confusion, let's just say I did not get that much sleep that night. “What was that pill” I demanded “why did it feel like it was so real and so…” he interrupts me and says “it's a special project medics are working on. It basically makes it where all of your nerves and body functions work better in a dream or nightmare. To make it simple you can do whatever you want in a dream” whatever I want? What did he think I want I want my wife back and I want that plane to never have crashed and I wanted to live a normal life with my son! I think for a while and finally, say “so what's the meaning of this?” he responds with “we are making you test it due to you're constant nightmares of that one plane incident and trying to make it where you can save her. So basically you have to change your dream”



Change my dream? Do I start to think how much of a lunatic he is by saying that “change my dream? Are you crazy or just drunk” he chuckles and says “no sir Mister Cathworn the pill I have given you makes it where you have complete control of you. Therefore you can save your wife” I am puzzled of how that will help...she is dead and I know it how would saving her in a dream change anything, “how would….that help me!” I'm yelling now “how would that bring her back it doesn't change anything. Now, why did they hire you as a doctor again if you can’t even help one patient?” I am angry with him... I might even ask for another doctor. “Mister Cathworn I am fully serious about this. We think that if you can change the memory you will have closer” all I can think about is the dream “now if you change the dream itself you're brain will think that she never died in the first place making it where it no longer feel sad that she is gone therefor clearing your sadness”

“That sounds…..idiotic. And why can’t you treat me like a normal patient?”

“We can. But you doing this is helping us treat the future of people's mental illnesses forever, now are you going to give up that opportunity?” now that I think about it I can help people, I can make something out of myself. I doubt what he is saying will work, it sounds like a fairy tale “I am going to give you a full bottle and if you try to somehow save her and if we are correct you will be doing the world a favor”

“Why the hell not,” I say

“That's what I like to hear”


Later that night I take the pill but having a hard time to fall asleep, it's one of the side effects. How ironic. When I finally do go to sleep I don’t dream of the plane..no...i dream of a house. A dark unfamiliar house.



I look around the dark house until I spot a light, looks like a kitchen. I look around the kitchen until I spot a knife on a table, I grab it to see if I can feel the metal, I can...it's cold and sharp, I inspect to knife until I make a mistake... I cut my hand making a big gash and yup...i feel it, I wake up a few seconds after that probably because the pain but when I look at my hand my heart sinks…. I still have the gash in my hand.


I pick up my phone not caring about the gash at this moment but only caring about finding the answer to this to this situation, how could I get a wound in a dream and end up keeping it in real life? I don’t get it at all, I dial Richards number and he picks up after a few times of me calling and that that point I am full on terrified “I had a dream and I uh I cut myself by mistake and got a cut and-” he cuts me off and finishes the sentence “and now you have a cut in real life correct?” he knew this? Did not even bother to tell me even though I'm the one testing the damn thing so I tell him “why?” I say a little rough “Now if you be quiet I will explain to you the reason what this pill really is” he is whispering now “the pill makes it where whatever happens in a dream happens to your body in real life the reason they made the pill I have no idea”

“And this is a secret why?”

“Well, the corporation working on this just does not want anyone to know until it is done for reasons I don’t know. I don’t think it's that of a big deal, to be honest”

So he agrees with me that this is all just stupid and they have no reason to keep this secret in the first place. So I'm going to make it public.


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