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Submitted: September 27, 2018

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Submitted: September 27, 2018



Evolution 2
Humans are products of evolution. We have become beings who are the most evolved, and self-observant out of all the species we know about. We have this idea that being human is special. This is nothing but an idea we have of ourselves. If we pay attention to the truth we will see we're not too far from our fellow animal species. We are born like them, have the same living tendencies of eating, sleeping, and multiplying. If we live here with the same everyday tendencies of animals why do we see our selves as superior? It's true our intellect outweighs any other species on this planet, but let's take a look at what we use it for. We have obviously made huge impacts on what we know about the essence of this reality through math, science, and biology. Although, we have made many new discoveries all this has to lead us to is the realization that we really know nothing about the nature of our reality. So half the time we use our intellect to explore the infinite vastness of space and reality as we know it. While we use the other half to make our everyday living more comfortable and convenient. Have we ever asked ourselves why we have this desire to know more about the reality we live in? Could it be because if we know about where we live we will begin to understand what role we have to play in this thing called life. If this is the answer we seek wouldn't it be better for us to pay more attention to the thing we have questions about? We are at a higher level than animals because we wonder about why we're here in the first place. Animals are just being themselves no matter what situation life has to bring them. The evolution of humans has brought us to a point of pure observation. This means that everything we do, and experience in our life being watched by something. Maybe if we try to figure out the reason for being here by watching ourselves instead of what outside we can get closer to the answer. What does it mean to be a successful human being? We have the ability to ask this question which also allows us the ability to make choices as to what success means. The problem with this is we usually allow other people's opinions of us measure the amount of success we have. Like we know how people will see us if we have a lot of money, rather than not having a lot of money. So, this makes us feel good about ourselves. Making money seem like success when in reality it can't be for the simple reason of people who have all the money in the world are still looking for something more when they attain that goal. If you still have to look for something after you achieved success then it's probably not. What does it mean for a dog to be successful? or any animal? As long as they can eat, drink, and have somewhere safe to sleep they are successful. What does success mean to plant life? to bloom as healthy and beautifully as possible. All these examples I give are of life forms that gain success when they simply survive. Why do we have to be any different? The only reason we don't achieve happiness through the process of life itself is because we believe what we see. Everywhere we look there are celebrities telling us how to be successful indirectly. Meaning we see their glamorous life displayed gloriously in front of us directing our awareness towards only their happy times, and hiding their bad times. The effect of this is the belief we need this form of success to be happy, and in order to be successful, there can't be bad times. It takes the experience of having this money to realize that's not going to satisfy your success needs. Unfortunately, many people don't get this opportunity because they believe they need some outside thing so much they forget their lives are even happening or worse become trapped in their own suffering. We are life forms just like everything else in this natural world. When we start to pay attention to ourselves rather than the outside world maybe we will be able to understand how much of a blessing life itself really is. Life for humans is the same as any other life form we need to fall in love with ourselves so our life process becomes the thing we look forward to rather than material things. Maybe we aren't as superior as we think. Our potential is limitless, but we don't use it as such. Instead, we rather use it for just convenience instead of empowering ourselves. We can use this tool of self-observation to accomplish this. 

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