High Seas Halloween

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Well, --- It's that time of the year and the month of October is bring it's candy sellers out of the woodwork. So I thought it best to write a poem instead of buying candy; I weigh too much already.

Submitted: September 27, 2018

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Submitted: September 27, 2018



On the Barbary Coast many did boast

Of a Halloween pirate, the worst. You See?

There was nary a man with saber in hand

As able and swift as that pirate could be.


He was full of the devil and never on the level,

There was never a time when he would do right.

His mouth spouted lies, 'twas deceit in his eyes

From the moment he awoke, til sleeping at night.


He was the scourge of the sea, like a rotten old tree

That plays host to creature that cling to it's bark.

Those seafaring worms and those parasitic germs

That feed on his leftovers under the cover of dark.


He's called Captain Jack, as a matter-of-fact,

For he lost his head one Halloween night!

And a Warlock named Tunny thought it funny

To carve out a Pumpkin to make things right.


Then Tunny cast a spell on that pirate from hell

And gave him that Jack-o-lantern head.

Now Captain Jack can only attack

On Halloween night, or so I've heard said.


A word to the wise, "Look to the skies

And stay out of sight of Captain Jack's gaze.

Any Halloween night, when the moon is bright,

And the death-ship slips through a murky haze.


Stay under the trees, least you be ceased

By a seafaring Goblin or pirate ghost.

They Shanghai recruits, those disquieted brutes,

And I'm afraid the Captain is a terrible host.



JE Falcon


© Copyright 2019 JE Falcon. All rights reserved.

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