I like being low key,you'll see me when you see me.

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Submitted: September 27, 2018

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Submitted: September 27, 2018



Got my nerves calm down, but the sadness has been way too loud. And lately ive just been trying to find a better reason to stay around. This is nothing new to me but not truly what im about. Just trying to light a match in a sea of dreams, trying to find my own way out. And ive been searching for some truth, not just for me but for all the youth. It hurts to think I'm a lot like you,the sadness is somehow something we all are born into. I only turned off all the lights,just to try to get a better view.

I only like to get high just to get the fuck out of my mind, its not because I'm wasting time. I get so impatient to think it all right. And I've been waiting my whole life,just to believe some people have an inability to lie. And maybe even if ive already told you im alright, sometimes I just wanna lose myself into the night.

Ive been just an empty cup trying to fill your cup up too. With a heart like mine,its the saddest thing i find myself to always do. And i dont care about what everyone else was in too,just as long as you were into me because ive already fallen for you.

And we all like to make life so much harder, Working away our lives just to make someone else's dollar. And from the view up here,I could easily just disappear. Looking to retrace my tracks,never let me be my own set back. Just trying to put the past in the rear view mirror.

So what if the sun never ever came back around,would you still like how the darkness had a familiar sound?

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