Liberal take over the World

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It had been 20 years since the Democrats had taken over the Country. Their hatred of Trump and White people had set them on a campaign of white genocide. The liberals proudly carried their white guilt like it was a banner. They might as well had taken a knife and slit their own children’s throats because it would have been more merciful.

After taking over the Senate and House the Democrats, spurred on by the Liberal Media and Hollyweird, had all whites sign over ownership of any and all assets to Blacks. They convinced the people that they had stolen every thing they owned. Many whites proudly handed over their assets before it was made law mostly celebrities who owned homes in other countries anyway. They patted themselves on the back and handed the keys to black families, encouraging others to do the same. The second amendment had been abolished the year before. So as soon as it became law the following year in 2021 there was no way for anyone to resist being thrown out of their homes and businesses. Anyone who resisted was not only thrown out by the new all black and Hispanic police forces, whites were not allowed to hold any position of power because of white privilege, the media and celebrities would go on a personal smear campaign for anyone who resisted. With homeless whites in mass numbers and their rights as human beings not recognized many were forced into extreme poverty and criminal activities just to eat. The police would not protect any white who was attacked or killed so many died.

The last to be attacked were the Mormons, Amish and any other Christian groups who lived separate from society. They lived in remote areas so it took some time to take them out. The new all black and Hispanic National Guard came and cleared them off their farms. They remained mostly empty since anyone who could now own property was too lazy to farm it anyway. Whites were allowed to live in the recently vacated government housing. It was filled quickly and the rest either were homeless or forced to rent if anyone would let them. The new Black owners either charged ridiculously high rent or would not rent to anyone who was white and since it was declared that only whites could be racist it was not racist to refuse to rent to whites.

Over the next few years, England, Canada, Australia, Russia, Sweden, Ireland, Scotland, and Germany followed suite and any whites were forced out of their homes and removed from any positions of power. Muslim countries began mass murdering whites by the 100,000s. Bodies lay piled up in towns all across the world. Many whites began migrating to secluded areas having foreseen the impending attacks in America. The mid-west was repopulated. Former Ghost towns became inhabited by whites. This angered the Liberal media and Hollyweird. They began reporting that it was an insult for them to form white towns and that is was a threat and had to be stopped. Black and Hispanic gangs began hunting down whites and killing them before they had a chance to join with the new colonies. No one was convicted for the murders. The police would do nothing and the media said they had it coming because they deserved it because of years of institutional racism.

That was only the beginning. Hollyweird continued to push the liberal agenda. They even began to speak out loud that all whites needed to be killed. The few whites that remained in Hollyweird proudly bragged they agreed all whites were bad. The arrogant asses thought they were immune to the violence and hatred that they stoked. Some Hollyweird women began to say that it was racist for white women to wear their hair long when the poor black woman had to buy white hair. So, they began shaving their heads and donating their hair to other famous blacks. The liberal media ate it up encouraging all white women to shave their heads as well. The atypical liberal race baiting cunts soon followed and shaved their heads. News reported daily so and so shaves her head to stop institutional racism and white standards of beauty. Sometimes they would proudly sit with the new owner of their hair and talk incessantly about racism and white privilege. Then the attacks began.

Anyone who refused to donate their hair was attack and had their heads shaved or worse. The scalping began and once the Blacks seen the police and government whole heartedly approved of these attacks they did not stop. Many whites were scalped. Children was attacked as well in schools or in the streets. The hunger for white hair would not be sated. Children as young as 2 were shaved. The complacent whites who had done nothing were beginning to see their mistake and now they had no rights so they had no where to turn. The few liberals who still had celebrity and power arrogantly soldiered on.

At this point all of Hollyweird had shaved their heads and their children’s heads, the insane liberals who stupidly lapped up everything they said shaved their heads also. They strutted around and would call out anyone who dared have hair and stir up attacks and the Blacks happily obliged. Then it got worse.

Blacks claimed it was not fair they had to rely on whites for their hair. They claimed it enslaved them. So, the first scalping surgeries were performed. Whites were scalped and had their scalps implanted on blacks. They were left with ugly red raw domes. The first celebrity donated her scalp and proudly sat on TV bragging about how she felt it was her duty to her fellow black sisters to donate her scalp so that they could grow their own hair. Then the attacks began. Children were taken off the street or out of parent’s arms. They were easier to control and subdue. They were butchered at the hands of scalp replacement surgeons who had cropped up on every street corner. Whites were hunted to almost extinction. The few remaining ones hid out in the desert nomadic roaming hiding until today only a few thousand remained.

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How it Began

Submitted: September 27, 2018

It began by whites being proud of their white guilt. After years of shaming tactics by the liberal media and Hollyweird they accepted the liberal ideals that white were violent and no good for
society. They proudly let them strip them of their rights as human beings and their assets. The complacency lead to their down fall and violent end. Little did they know they were dooming their
race to extinction.
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Black Utopia. A World Without Whites

Submitted: September 27, 2018

Will Blacks finally have their utopia without the evil white man there to bring them down?
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