Decisions, Just Decisions

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We all know what is like to decide

Submitted: September 27, 2018

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Submitted: September 27, 2018



There she was sitting, just sitting. Her hand gently touching the cold window. It was raining. She stared right at the dark, black night that extended behind the window. It was almost as if she wanted to touch the blackness, but her hand kept just reaching the cold, moist window. It seemed like one of those typical situations where someone sad cries by a window, but it was not. She was not sad, she was not crying. She was just thinking. Thinking and staring at the dark night. 

Something kept bothering her though. It was not the darkness nor cold, it was the constant thoughts running in her e thoughts you just keep spinning in you mind over and over again. Those that spin in your head for no reason. Those that can end up creating a sleepless night if they overpower your need for sleep and calm. Her thoughts just kept spinning. She could not let them just go, they were powerful, and she had a deadline. 

Deadlines. Dates, times, moments we all dread for. But unfortunately she had it, had to decide by then. Make a choice. A choice she did not want to regret. A choice she had to live with, like all choices we take. A choice that, once made, is irreversible. But she kept looking at the dark night, watching those rain drops sliding down the window. It seemed as if each drop were a new thought, new idea of a choice. A new possibility, a new path to take. One more to add to the list of spinning ones in her head, 

she kept staring at the window, feeling like if behind this darkness were her answers, those answers we sometimes wish to just come across when having to choose. And as much as we want them, want this to be true, to happen, to liberate us from our choice trouble, we know life is not like that. So as much as she stared at that window, she knew they would not come. Hoping for the impossible is not the answer, and she knew that. 

But she did have hope. Hope for what was coming. Hope for new opportunities. Hope that she would make the right choice. Time was ticking. That is the thing about deadlines, time keeps running even though we could use more time. Not only use it, but need it. Need it as if we really could not live without it,  extra time that never comes. That extra time that we deep down know would serve for nothing. And time kept ticking. 

The rain kept pouring, the coldness kept persistent, and the darkness was not changing. More thoughts kept spinning, as more drops kept running down the window. But choices, spinning thoughts, and deadlines stop at one moment. Stop as rain stops all of a sudden. A decision is made, a thought is chosen, or time just runs out. It is not a never-ending state. She knew that. She knew, but still this moment felt eternal. 

We make choices though, and time ran out for her, for her choice, for her thoughts to finally stop spinning. For her to release herself from what seemed to be never-ending.

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