They Wanted To Cure Me

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Submitted: September 27, 2018

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Submitted: September 27, 2018



I woke up in a world of colors,
Grays I’d never seen before,
And although they could not speak,
Their hands told me that they had cured me.

The lights faded, their ship disappeared,
They had brought me back home where
I had once felt like a freak,
But I could tell that they had cured me.

I no longer saw in black and white.
Instead of picking flowers,
Wondering if she loved me,
Or she loved me not, I had not cared.

I didn’t miss all of my colors,
The friendly yellows of the
Sunflowers, the casual
Greens of the cherry trees blossoming.

Every color lost feeling, ones
Which had once been contrasting,
Had become various grays,
Providing me no stimulation.

The only color I still felt now
Was blue. Not the sky’s blue love,
Or the deep sea’s blue intrigues,
But the empty blue streaming through me.

I gave the whole spectrum of colors
To see the varying grays,
And lost my artistic sense
Of wonder, I was no longer me.

I woke in an absence of colors,
Devoid of all the extremes,
And although they did not speak,
I thought they said that they had cured me.

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