A Girl Presses...

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just a quick little blurb of inspiration one day. put here because.

Submitted: September 27, 2018

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Submitted: September 27, 2018



A girl presses “play” on the small tape recorder.

“Hello? Hello? Is this thing on?” A male voice comes from the small speaker.

A female voice, in the background, exasperated, tells the man the recorder is on.

“Ah good. Well, then. I am Dr. Blaise Crystal,”

The voice in the background tells the man he’s not a doctor.

“Ho, ho, well then. I am Blaise Crystal, international adventurer and renown man of mystery.” There is an audible sigh from the voice in the background. “Yes, well I’m standing next to the tenth wonder of the ancient world, a true marvel of man’s ingenuity. I stake my claim! I discovered this miracle, this work of ancient art, while hunting the elusive Peruvian Tree Turtle. I have named this wonder the Great Wall of Peru.”

The voice in the background is barely audible. Something about “tourist in flip-flops” and “dumb name”.

Crystal ignores the interruption, “I’ve paced this thing’s entire length, it’s as long as a football pitch. Narrow, only about two meters thick. It’s made of wood, I think. That’s wood, right?” The voice in the background says they guess so but it is hard like rock.

“Well, Ginny, maybe it’s petrified. Ho, ho. Anyway, it has all these beautiful carvings along the side here. Here, look, here’s a tall man with two heads, kicking little men. And here’s another with a two-headed giant chucking a horse into one of his mouths, ho, ho! A horse gumdrop! Ancient men had active imaginations.”

Ginny says she is bored and has to pee.

“I must preserve this moment!” The speaker hisses with static as the recording ends.

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