spotlight detours

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this is a poem i wrote about a two decades ago about my...hiding.

Submitted: September 27, 2018

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Submitted: September 27, 2018



Spotlight Detours

My grains of sand are twisted, filtered, and abused to direct light only towards others...and they know not to even feel used.

I was a mother...I was a was ok that I never personally defined a life.

My family dummies willing and ready to stand in, then I can flee...

For conversation will turn on me and reflect brutally all it does not see.

I often wonder what a free-spirited life would feel like...cleansed of all my negative self-spite...only to travel far with my curious kite.

One works minute bu minute at the battle to be idle or settled...reminding often not to reject the saddle or feel like mere cattle.

Can't remember a time when I knew now that every impulse should be harnessed...what a challenge realness creates in trying to always present varnished.

Oh, a world free of boredom and could we be issued a full out license to justify cleaver yet danerous vices?

If we must work diligently to convince ourselves out of every thought in our head...what's the point of being alive instead of dead?

I want to be real...I want to say it's ok to feel..just can't remember excactly how it's folded into life's deal.

An attraction, an eager ear for my world...likea chatty little girl...sends me dancing round them with no control of my twirl.

My insides are not reliable, I have so taught...why then do I feel cheated not even offering them up to be sought?

Oh, to try and sift through emotions and passions..this one positive...which one dark...only lately have I realized a system destine to leave me forever missing the mark.

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