Malcolm's Sister.

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I met Malcolm and we arranged to go to the meeting in the library.

Submitted: September 28, 2018

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Submitted: September 28, 2018



''You know you told me some time agao,'' I said to Malcolm, ''that your sister got in touch with you!''
''Yes, she did!'' He said. ''She told me quite a lot of things about you.''
''I hope she hasn't told you anything bad!'' I said.
''No, not at all. She thinks well of you.''
''When you see her again, tell her I still love her.'' I told him.
''I will do just that. By the way, are you coming to the meeting tomorrow?''
''Yes, of course, I'll be there. Is your sister coming?'' I wanted to know, for I hadn't seen her for a long time..
''She'll be there, don't you worry about that.''
''See you at the meeting then,'' I said, and we parted.

The meeting was held in a room at the library. There were many people there, and a Mrs Bede was going to perform, showing her supernatural powers. She talks to spirits, and they tell her about things that they know. Almost everyone said that Mrs Bede was an honest woman, but there were some people who think she was a fake.
I personally don't believe in some of these mediums--they're very tricky. Talking to dead spirits, how is that possible? Mrs Bede was up on the stage. She said, ''I have a young girl beside me. Is there a Malcolm in the room?''
Malcolm stood up, ''Yes, I'm here!''
''Your sister says, ''Beware of Edna.''
''Who is this Edna?'' I asked Malcolm.
''Just a girl I met two days ago!'' Malcom answered.

The End.

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