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Submitted: September 28, 2018

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Submitted: September 28, 2018




Have you found yourself to be captured alive? Then quickly come to your senses and free yourself, do more than just survive. Lift yourself up in thought, everything that you have experienced is only but a thought and is not what you thought.

Stand erect at the gates of infinite power. Raise yourself up so high as though you are standing on the Sun. None of their suggestions will reach you, no not a one. Absorb the star’s energy forming with and becoming one.

Begin to relish in your newfound strength. Clear your life of inimical ideas and ideals of family and so-called friends, with the purpose of stripping you of all your confidence. Snatch back your faith from the lies of others eyes and protect it with your life for it is the key.

Close your eyes.

Open your eye.

Find the open door.


You are not a captive anymore.

Now that you know who you truly are come to have discernment, become sound in mind. Use sensible thinking, so that no one may lead you off into captivity again.


Natasha Grant

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