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Submitted: September 28, 2018

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Submitted: September 28, 2018



Sue generis, the nature of human being is the intelligence with artistic sculpting and scientific exploration.

Every human being is an artist. Art is about the personalized abstract of an artist. He paints his picture with brush-border of his attitude. So, every painting has some hidden secrets of its painter, since the artist is creator and shape-shifter from concept to appearance.


Ancient thinkers supposed that there was heaven, where God and his angels lived. Underneath there was the kingdom of the dead, and in the middle was the earth, inhabited by plants, animals and human beings. Every life on earth is exceptionally individual and diverse. Mainly the Humans are unique.

In the new era, Scientists inundated many theories. Modern science has radically transformed the old thinking. One amongst us, the universe is made and filled up of various ratios and patterns.

Let us say if the life is there in the universe other than the earth, all that must have the DNA of the universe as we do. This takes us into banal meta-ethical confusion. This is cosmic insignificance and experience of cosmic insignificance has little to do with meta-ethics.

Certain forms of life on earth are interesting and erudite. The metamorphosis from larvae to butterfly has a hidden biological process in metamorphosis.

Methinks, metamorphosis is an advanced bio-physiological reflex to save from immediate imminent threat of death. From the initial phase to the final stage, at every phase of the transformation, an acute stress response happens, which prepares the transformation of the entity’s body to survive. At every phase in this respective process, the transformation is a defence mechanism to escape death, removal of ambiguity to reach the final stage. Metamorphosis is the artistic sculpting.

Ignore religion, colour and creed etc. for a while.  Think as pure human. Questions like, what are humans? What controls us? And how are we leading life? Is it pre-determined, instant or destined? But in Human beings, Metamorphosis is totally different as it is scientific.

There are many things for being an individual. We are what we are. The humans are blessed with psychic- Metamorphosis before their true psyche is formed and consolidated.

One’s life is one’s case study.  Take my life as an example.

 When I passed school-finals at an early age, it occurred to me that I could able to graduate because of intense listening, veracious reference reading and the rest was the exploration of a positive imagination and curiosity.  Then on, I had inculcated the habit of writing, reading and hearing. I never had a style of writing.

Even today, I write as I speak. I do not write articles on well-examined stuff, because I think, there is nothing to write as they are already well-examined by many, so I thought, it is not worth to write. This was my thought process when I was 16 years.

I believe in simple discerning. I believe, as a speaker, when I speak, I speak amicably. And when I write, I write sensibly. In speaking and writing, what is customarily done is getting connected to others. In my own way, I am good at it.

Now I am 66 years, I observed a slight change in my thought process. I realised that it is harder to do the best things at age of 66 years.  Up to 65 years, I live putting up on evaluated experience and from 66 years onwards, cerebrally I live through spontaneous wisdom. This is a human spontaneous manifestation and involuntary action.

This psychic-Metamorphosis before their true psyche is formed and consolidated. Likewise, you can evaluate yourself.

As Humans, our life is based on the reality of surroundings. We elicit knowledge from existing sources. Knowledge is not what we know, knowledge is about what we do not know, and that is what we are going to find out. This is a well-orchestrated co-ordination between exploration and exploitation trade-off. 

As human beings, our constant endeavour is to explore and exploit persistently. Through the process of identifying false and reality, anything that makes us feel good can become a habit (good or bad) in later part of life. And academic discipline guides us to evolve as true oneself.

This relative process develops the attitude that acts as a guiding principle to form moral philosophy for human behaviour, which is the most important factor to guide us for an ethical and aesthetic wisdom associated discipline living.

Moral philosophy orders human values such as what we care about? And what we don’t care about? Who do you choose to be?

The wisdom associated values govern correct decision-making, weighing options, right actions in the right time, and beliefs. Great thinkers call this integration as intelligent self-organization. This is an inherent criterion in humans.

If we live on these wisdom associated disciplined life, living the life becomes the flow. It is sort of finding one’s rainbow. Like a rainbow, Life is astronomical collusion, biological unions and full of many ironies. The living is more of chemistry than physics, which is an interaction, kind of transference of energy from within and with Universe. For people, who follow wisdom associated disciplined life; some aspects of death actually fascinate them in their old age. Before death, these people go through an incredible journey of finding one’s mission and purpose of this life. We do not require a crashing course on birth and death. The only thing next to birth is death, occurs in a matter of time.


Every human being must see at himself, what he without development and with development is. Development should be there consistently and constantly.  The longer you live; most people think it gets better day by day.  But it is not true.  It will get better when we have an intentional growth plan for every day, so that each day can be better and better as we age up.

It is also not true, longer we live, and we get better. The growth does not happen automatically.  As we live, we require filling the day. Filling the day with knowledge make us wise.

But in the modern era, we have to change to meet the dynamics as new devices are evolved. Most people try to improve circumstances around them but they never try to develop themselves. Now, people have ignored the wisdom associated ethical living.

In today’s world, every human being’s life is a big story wrapped up in large baggage. In short, sometimes we can unpack and repack it by taking essence from it. Unlike in olden days, Life is not about the people. Death and birth have become mechanical devoid of celebrations.

People die for many reasons and more are born. As per statistics available the death and birth ratio is more than 1:2, 151,600 people die each day and 360,000 births per day.

In between, we exist. Nobody wanted to do more than that. Just exist. Now, when people see others dying, they feel feared.

I write about the art and science of how to live better. From a scientific point of view, I am concerned with the root causes of our behaviour and the data behind a high performance. From an art point of view, I want to figure out how to apply these ideas and put them into daily practice. I write about habits and human potential. The central question I’m trying to answer through my work is, how can we live better?

Treating physical ailments is an external act of soothing but the process of psychic convalescence is an internal act of amelioration from strife. The primary reason that I share this information is How to master your habits and live a better life. To live a better life, we have to change as situation demands. But Humans cannot accept change. Why can’t you change yourself for betterment?

Because the whole idea of change is an arbitrary construct. It’s something you just made up to make yourself feel good (or bad).  Nothing is annoying or unexpected.

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