Life is pretty for those who care to look

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Do you see it? or are you just as blind as me?

Submitted: September 28, 2018

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Submitted: September 28, 2018



Life is beautiful for those who care to look


Look upon your suffering

As a kind of offering

The present of life

Is worth to live


Every and each bad event

Your happiness could prevent

If you’d dare to open your heart

I know myself, It’s hard

Nothing changes if you cry

You need to at least try


“I’m done” I hear you say

How can I make you stay?

There is so much fun to have

Ever tried to choose another path?


I hear you chuckling

Mocking my offering

I beg of you, open your eyes

Otherwise you’ll be your own demise


I’m here for you

Yes, it’s really true

I know you have been told many lies

Yet after the night comes a sunrise


The ultimate promise I give

Would you for me live,

If I told you you’re my everything?

A new Era of your life I’ll bring


I know you feel pain

I promise you’ll stay sane

Try and control your anger

I’ll be for you the anker


No please, I beg you, don’t go

Can’t you see the pretty glow?

Can’t you see the sun rising?

Don’t you feel it reviving?


Life is pretty

Care to look

In every crany and nook

for your own meaning, I know you’ll find it… eventually


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