Reflection on Fear

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Another notebook scribble. This time I was forced to use no rhyme. Nothing against it, and I think it came out okay, but I still have preference in rhyme.

Submitted: September 28, 2018

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Submitted: September 28, 2018



Living alone in the flame,

it only took fifteen years

For me to realize there were more friends in the dark.

But I didn’t willingly go there.

The greyed gummed giant took my child there,

gutted her, then left her corpse to fester

for six moons.


Once she died, I was born

into blinding reality and unwarranted knowledge.

The moon was memory of her blood.

Endlessly I wandered the tarred desert

listening to the heckles

commanding I wasn’t to survive.

I saw myself only collapsing into the sticky sand

being consumed by the stalkers

waiting like vultures, starved as ravens.

Closer to nothing

except exhaustion, I was ready for my end.

Face down, all of my remains were patient.


Once she died, I was born.

Lifting the newborn from the sand

with the touch of a Dam,

No longer naked, they clothed her in black.

No longer lonely, they took as her their own.

No longer empty, they fed her truth.


It only took fifteen years to die twice

and learn fear.

Not to be stolen, slaughtered, or alone,

but to have the inability to recognize love.

They love me, so I stay with the dark ones,

where everything is pain

that doesn’t pretend to be pleasure.

I may be corrupted and broken.

We all are down here.


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