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Submitted: September 28, 2018

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Submitted: September 28, 2018



Today, the sun shines

Hot and bright among the clouds

Where wind loves to dance

This environment’s vibrant

But I dwell in its shadows.


I heard you walking

Footsteps pounding the earth’s floor

We all know to flee

Away from the vibrations

And hidden among a tree.


But what brought you here?

Did you really come to play?

You’re so peculiar

With each step you take, inching

Closer and coming my way.


Won’t you come closer?

Won’t you see what’s underneath?

Don’t mind the rattle

Or the hiss between my teeth

Play this game of hide and seek.



You are approaching

I’m slowly inching away

Nestled to the bark

And anticipation hangs

How I choose to lose this game.


The seconds tick by

Your hand slinks across the wood

With caution, but blind

In front of me, I see red

Now I have to hold my breath.


I know I’ve been caught

Your fingers freeze in place

I concede defeat

But your body follows suit

Once our eyes finally meet.


Allow me to speak

And watch me unravel here

Like ribbon unspooled

Delicate, flowing, and loose

I’ll show you more than just thread…

I’ll show you what you really seek, my friend…

I’ll show you what to fear. 

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