One Man (edited).

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edited vision of one man

Submitted: September 28, 2018

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Submitted: September 28, 2018



This world is a strange place, there is something somewhere, greater than us, and we may never know what that is.

Paranormal entities and the unknown interested Nix she dedicated her life to it, but not any more, because of the events that took place on friday the 13th of last year, a day she and her friend will remember forever.


That night started as any regular night after school would. Nix got home put her bag down and started working on the copious amounts of home-work her teacher assigned. Around 6:50 she got a text from her girlfriend Juno asking if she wanted to go explore an abandoned ghost town. Of course she said yes because she wanted to capture a ghost sighting on camera, and from what she heard the place was full of ghost sightings.

She then called Glenn, her best friend.


“Hey, Glenn are you going to the ghost town later tonight?”

“Yeah, the whole group is going.”

“This is going to be amazing Glenn!”

“Ok Juno told me to tell you that we will be leaving at 10:00, and we will probably get to your house at 11:00.”

“Ok thanks, meet me at the end of the block.”

“Ok wait Juno wants to talk to you.”


There was a pause as Juno picked up the phone.


“Hello my love, i just wanted to tell you that i have a surprise planned for tonight, but before i tell you you have to promise not to tell Lennie about it other wise she won’t come.”


Nix heard Glenn yell something on the other end of the line.

“No don’t tell her until we get there!!”


“Well i guess you will have to wait…”

“Ah come on, Juno!”

“Love you.”

And Juno hung up the phone.


It was 11:30, Nix got on black clothes packed a bag,then slowly and carefully made her way down the side of the house, using the wood beam on the side the wall. She jumped down and power sprinted to the end of the block.

In the fog she could faintly make out the yellow glow of Juno’s headlights.


When she got to the car Nix looked in the windows and saw that the whole crew was there, Juno, Damian, Glenn, Russ Andy and Lennie.


“Hey girl, you made it!”.  “You are so gay.”damian said. “Great observation, dick.” he said back.


The group piled in to the van that looked big from the outside but, it was not.


“So, Juno where exactly are we going.” Russ asked with a boring monotone voice.” “We are going to a supposed ghost town, called deadville there was a big fire back in the 60’s there and the vast majority of people died. It is haunted and there is some houses still standing.” “haunted with what?” Lennie asked. “ a family of 5, they were killed in the fire. You can hear voices and shit.” Juno said.


They got to deadville around 1am, with Lennie asleep Juno could reveal the “surprise”. “I went to the abandoned school the other day, and i went into a place i didn’t go into yet, the basement. In there i found a red box that had 666 on it. In it was a doll covered in red liquid and dirt,and the eyes were gouged out… i thought we could play one man hide and seek with it.” lennie woke up let out a little scream “what...what is that…?” she said. “It's a ritualistic game, where you basically make a voodoo doll, and if you do it right it will find you…” juno said back. “All in favour?” everyone except lennie raised their hands.


The group walked around deadville for about twenty minutes. “Holy crap look!” Andy yelled. There was a huge abandoned mansion, covered in vines and plants, broken windows and old falling apart walls. They went in and looked around. There was ripped wallpaper, broken glass, dirt everywhere and… a smell… a dead body smell. They all gagged but they kept going deeper and deeper in to the house, so dark that it was like they were walking into the abyss. They kept walking until they found a room. The door was locked but there was a inverted cross on the door. Nix whacked the rusted lock with the base of her flashlight and it broke open. They looked in in and inside was a room the walls, ceiling and floor where cement. Just a cement box. There was a bed and a dresser with a lamp with no lamp shade or light bulb. “ here.. This is where we will do the game.” Andy said.


“How do we play?” Russ asked

“First we cut open the doll and and fill it with uncooked white rice. next, each of us has to put one finger nail inside, this will bind the doll to us. Then, we sew it up with red thread also wrapping it haphazardly with the thread. Now we give it a name.” Juno explained. “ let's name it Lennie.” Glenn yelled to Juno from the other end of the room. “No, we can’t name it any of our names. I will confuse it.” “well how about Annabelle” Russ said. ‘You know like the doll from the movie. “ok great. Now we wait till three am.”

“Why three am.” Russ asked. “The devil’s hour… paranormal activity is at its best then.” Nix said back. They sat in the room and talked. “We should break off into groups.” juno announced. Nix and juno, glenn and russ, andy and damian leaving lennie without a group. “Can’t i just go back to the car?” she winned. “Fine pussy go.” Nix said. “Why did she even come” Glenn moned.


Juno gave each group one shot glass of salt water. “When it is the doll’s turn, if it it finds you dump the salt water on it. That ends the game.” they all walked over to the doll and each person put their hand on  the knife and together stabbed the doll three times saying with each stab “ i found you Anabelle your it, i found you Anabelle your it, i found you Anabelle your it.”


Each group ran in a different direction and hid. Nix and Juno hid in one of the house’s many bathrooms. It was the smallest bathroom and smallest room. They sat in the corner and waited. Until they heard the quick pitter patter of little feet, a child’s laughter and… scraping….scraping of the knife. It stopped at the broom closet a couple rooms down, it was the closet that glenn and russ where in.


they waited… and waited... in dead silence. Until the knife stabbed through the door and twisted. The knife was pulled out of the door to reveal the battered,bloody and broken face of the doll. Glenn kicked the door open knocking back the doll the two of them ran out of the room to find the others, Nix and Juno unlocked the door, dodged the doll and ran after them.


They ran around the house to find Andy and Damian, but they were nowhere to be found. They ran out of the house to the car but Glenn ran back “i forgot” he yelled. he went to find the doll, but it found him first, it stabbed him in the upper thigh. He fell to the ground. He then turned to the doll and just as it jumped at him he threw the salt water at the doll. “I win!” he yelled. He limped back to the car carrying the doll by its synthetic hair. Damian and Andy were there. “ where the fuck did you go.” Andy turned to him he had a cut across her face. “The doll cut me. We forgot about the water and ran.” Andy said crying. Lennie noticed Glen’s wound.

“oh my god are you ok?” she cried. “Fine.”

They finally noticed the doll… “how did you kill it, what did you do?” they all asked.

“The salt water.” he said.

The ride to the hospital was quiet, no one spoke. Glenn was laying across the seat, his head on Andy’s lap.

They got out of the car and walked towards the main entrance, Andy and Russ where helping Glen walk. Nix ran in first “help! my friend was stabbed!” she yelled and doctors and nurses ran to help. Together the nurses and doctors lifted Glenn onto a stretcher. He screamed in pain as the attending doctor stabbed a needle into the area around the wound.

They waited about 10 minutes, then the doctor came in to stitch up his leg. Glenn just laid there… silent.


The cops came in an hour later, along with everyone’s parents. They began asking everyone questions along the lines of, “what happened?” And “did any of you stab Glenn?” but Glenn nor the others could answer their questions.

No words could come out.

No one could talk.

Everyone was speechless, dramatized.

The only words spoken where from Glenn when he whispered,

“I won… I won.”


© Copyright 2019 Cyn Fernandez. All rights reserved.

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