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Submitted: September 28, 2018

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Submitted: September 28, 2018



Walls used to be fun to build when we were kids.


Those all consuming emotions that attack you all at once. 

Loneliness, confusion, sadness. Missing a person not for the physical but for where they could make your mind go. You go into it open hearted, an innocent. Ignorant an oblivious to the fact that in a matter of seconds... 

All those walls you built will be the same ones destroyed right before your eyes. You've spent weeks, months, years building these walls. Not letting any one get completely over the towering force, but letting them only get high enough to get a glimpse of the possibilities behind. Deep dark secrets create storm clouds of emotions that pour down an destroy your soul like acid rain, an all he wanted to be was the umbrella that kept you from drowning. 

A shield in the night to protect you, a visor in the sun to give you shade. Freedom was in those arms that embraced you after you've beaten yourself up to the point of physical an mental unconsciousness. You've lived with the scares of broken promises an empty "I love you's" that you've fallen victim of a hope that you've given up on. "The less than, the other." You call yourself. The beautiful, the worthy, he whispers to you as you fall to your knees broken, full of defeat. If only you could love yourself the way he loves you, if only you can see in yourself what he sees in you. If only you yourself could stop trying to climb those walls you built only meant to keep love out, the type of love he's willing to give you, it could honestly set you free. But you've been broken for so long... Broken to you.. Is the new complete. You are so loved girl, please believe me, you are complete


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