Laura The Vampire Slayer

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

It has been 2 years since the death of Kane Sin. Laura decided to move away from her home and move back to her home with the other vampires. She moves in with her older brother Tyler. When Laura starts having terrible nightmares and starts to hear voices about her dead boyfriend she decides to go looking for a Witch named Evie Grace to bring Kane back to life. When Evie Grace's body shows up dead in her basement Laura loses all faith. Secrets are revealed, Friendships are broken, What will Laura do now without the help from Evie?

Table of Contents


I am cold. So Cold. Where am I? ''Laura??'' Who's there! Show yourself!'' ''Laura! You let me die!'' Kane? Kane please! I... Read Chapter

A Human And The Voices.

Help me find the Witch Evie! Tyler blinked a few times. Then shook his head. ''No! ''No! ''No! ''I want to help you, You know I do but ... Read Chapter

Painful Memories

''Tyler?? Can I look now? '' ''Almost! Tyler replied. ''Okay I think it's safe. Tyler slowly took his hand off my eyes. I ope... Read Chapter

Powerful Information

(Later In the morning) (Creak) I was awoken by the sound of the front door being opened. ''Was it Tyler? Tyler? Are you home?'' ... Read Chapter

Painful Information

It took me a little time to get to the castle when I finally did, It had started to rain and I was covered in water. But right at that ... Read Chapter

Here Lies Laura

''Astrid?.... I will do it''. ''No! Laura! ''You can't do this'' Tyler shouted, as he tried to reason with his sister. ''I will d... Read Chapter

Evil Plan Revealed.

''I hope it was all worth it Laura.'' ''I hope you and Kane are happy together.'' ''I think the truth needs to come out. Astrid s... Read Chapter

The Beast.

''I think you should see my secret weapon before you start doubting me!'' ''ROAR!!! sounds of angry and pain could be heard in the ne... Read Chapter

Human Again?

''I'm sorry Laura.'' The monster said wrapping his arms around her body. ''We need to barre her. ''That's what you would want is to be pu... Read Chapter

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