The Last Breath

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A short love story!

Submitted: September 29, 2018

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Submitted: September 29, 2018



The pulse was starting to drop. 'Beep, 'Beep', Beep'.......

Mr. Smith was on the bed to the right while Mrs. Smith was on the left. Two old people who were lying on the bed waiting for death to come and take them away. It was clear they didn't have much time. A doctor had said they both had one hour at max. I saw Mr. Smith waking up. I guessed it was a good sign, his eyes were slowly opening. His mouth was covered with oxygen mask. He looked towards his left and slowly touched the hands of Mrs. Smith. 

He said, "Remember Flora, January 1, 1959? We were at that parking lot at that night and had so much fun! I was surprised when you came with a rose and said 'I love y..' , while I put my hands over your mouth and said 'I love your smile Flora and you know...I love you", then he smiled looking at her lying there still. 

Smiling and looking at her he began again , " I wanted to say that but was waiting for the perfect time, but I was already late. From that day, I learned you have to do anything at the know. Thank god I was able to say it first, well ...technically. And do you remember the other thing I said? I had said that we would live happily ever after, while living and even after death. I think the time has come dear. Even death cannot do us apart. I am right here with you in this deathbed. I can feel death playing on my feet and I think I see it on you too."

There was silent for a while when he again started, "I know that you can listen to me Flora. Can I see that smile for the last time because without that I don't think I can go easily."

The pulse was starting to drop. Beep, Beep, Beep,.....and the doctor and nurses came to the bed of Flora. They were doing their job giving artificial braeth, performing CPR, and other doctors' jobs. I was sitting near my sick mom looking after her...well right now my focus was on their bed rather than my mom.

Mr. Smith was still looking at her. Mrs. Smith slowly opened her eyes. I thought she was recovering. She slowly smiled and rotated her face towards Mr. Smith and looked at him for a moment with that sweet smile and suddenly there was this beeepp...........a long continuous sound. I looked at the machine and the pulse was zero. The same time another beeepp.... was heard. It was the machine measuring the pulse of Mr. Smith. 


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