Fighting with Writing

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This is a collaboration with kaylynn from Commaful.

Submitted: September 29, 2018

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Submitted: September 29, 2018



Verbal vines intertwine.

Words weave together seamlessly.

Robbing the innocence of their liberty.


Letters of the lexicon link,

Difficult to match, gotta think.

Writing rather readily

to pack meaning heavily


Questioning the quality of my poetry.

Trying to develop this theme,

but how can we when it’s still a mystery?


I've got writer's block, got not time on the clock.

The deadline's at the door, and I can hear it knock.

My brain is locked, the gun is cocked.

Held hostage by society, and I am distraught.


Bounded by other’s thoughts.

My hands shake as they preform,

my tongue knotted with a boycott,

Wanting nothing more than to speak out.


I call out for help, from nation to nation.

Somebody obliges on a collaboration.

We go off from nothing, the words just pour.

It's never a bore, and I desire more.


We go back forth, realizing our words are ours to own.

The thoughts of others are dethroned,

our writing from within becoming the norm.


We must concentrate.

Online, we will dominate.

From the norms of society we emancipate,

We are free in our ways, and I don't exaggerate.


If there is one thing to take,

it is that we are the generation,

for much-needed change through creation.


Society is strange.

Maybe it should make a change.

We should wait until we rest

Until we are at our best.

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