Love Dismantled Me

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Submitted: September 29, 2018

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Submitted: September 29, 2018



Love Dismantled Me


Unbothered by the walls of shame

Like a thief looking for spoils to gain

Love stole a place

Stared me right in the face but

Boldly I welcome the fight

Yet quieted as I was enlightened

Love had nothing to prove

It caught me

Hung me upside down

Didn’t care if I disapproved

Mistrust surrounded me like barbed wire

Unflattered by words or things to be desired

Fueled by hurt


Filled with determination

But love never underestimated me 

Tripped with feelings

Slammed on my back

Love penetrated me slowly

Held my mouth shut

Pinned my arms back

Impregnated me with anomalies

Lack of sleep

Hunger pains that run deep 

Angry when I don’t feel you near me


Driven by passion

Armed myself with bows and arrows

Grabbing hold as captain

Deceived by what happens next

Love comforted me

Wrapped my tightly and whispered, “trust me”

Its venom paralyzing

Falling so deep

Drowning as Love Dismantles Me

© Copyright 2019 Renee Anderson. All rights reserved.

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