The Last Storyteller

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At length, the Storyteller finally spoke, "There is a story or two, (perhaps many more) inside each of us. To awaken these stories, to breathe life into them, to have them rise above the confines of one’s mind, requires little more than imagination. A commodity rich in abundance yet seldom appropriated" Jacob A Jessup, The Last Storyteller.

"The Last Storyteller A Collection of Back Porch Ramblings & Surges of Sensibility”, by poet and short-story author J Hirtle carries the reader on a journey setting sail from his back porch and ending with an awe-inspiring story of a homeless man and a young boy who learns the dark truth of bigotry and racism. Along the way, the reader will laugh, cry, fall in love and beg to sleep with the lights on. "The Last Storyteller" is the perfect book to read while relaxing on the back porch as the morning sun awakens. With a cup of hot coffee warming your hands, a cozy blanket draped and ready and a box or two of tissue to keep your eyes dry for the next page in this moving collection of random thoughts and short stories.

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The Last SToryteller

Submitted: September 29, 2018

“Why aren’t you telling a story?” The young boy inquires. Pouting his lips, the Storyteller produces a meager trill. The chilly... Read Chapter