once in a blue moon

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" love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies. "

Submitted: September 29, 2018

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Submitted: September 29, 2018



On One rainy day I was walking on side street 

I entered a small café , I closed my umbrella and I ordered a cup of tea

I took out my lucky note, to right new poems

But suddenly , I heard a voice that I was sure I know

man at the corner was telling a story

It might be a typical kind of stories , where two people loved each other .. But theycouldn’t be together

but what makes this story unique

Is that they've never been together, and they've never told each other

They lived their love separately.. they lived it the way each one of them imagined it to be Sometimes it was painful , because they didn't have the right to keep others away ..

He sees another man looking inside her eyes and she sees a women holding his hand .. Everyone saw them far away .. But Actually they were wrapped up Complicatedly 

And they couldn't explain..

One day that girl left her note on a chair ..A note where she keeps all her hidden secrets and dreams ..

it was founded by him ..by the right male , he opened the first page and started to read

By the time he reached the end he wasn't brave enough to complete 

He left that note on the same chair and disappeared 

The girl never knew the reasons and never knew where did he hide

She always believed that this note could make a change this note might give him hope to come back again 

Summer ended autumn entered and with every leafe was falling a tear of that girl was falling as well ..

Days, months and years were long enough to make Her heart freeze.. 

She stopped feeling the pain anymore but it doesn't mean that she lost her hope..

The man said.. what I read about that girl made me believe more that this love leads to endless  road,  that will always remind us that We were born from different worlds ..

it won't ever work

My hands were tied and that love was forbidden 

Every morning is captive of her night

? ?

he stopped and  everyone was wondering about the end .. 

except me because I knew that he didn't  reach it yet

I took that note and I gave it to him ..

but this time I just kept the last page 

I walked out the place with tears covering all my face ..Tears were enough to wash my heart and to open my old wounds again

The last page was saying 

" I'm brave enough to leave the world that Divided us into a meaningless factions behind,  I'm brave enough to create a new world   , just one word from him would make me strong for that change.. I'll be waiting because

I was born to love him and I'll die the same "

The man tried to catch her but he was late again  

He was standing under the rain with thousands of blames ..

He knew that she won't show up again..

He knew that this Coincidence was one in a blue moon ..

He knew that this time is her turn to disappear ..

And they both knew that this lucky note is not considered to be lucky since  that fateful day … 

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