Bad Side of the City

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
When a murder is committed on the Bad Side of the City you can be sure Suzy Que will be on the case. --- Oh, I meant Detective Susan LaRay Quincy, homicide squad.

Submitted: September 29, 2018

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Submitted: September 29, 2018



As we open this story, we are in a downtown metropolitan area and we are standing just outside a business alley-way on the very bad side of town.

When I say, "the very bad side of town", I mean that wholeheartedly. Violent crime is the norm around this section of the city and it's not just brought on by the lawless loving, mostly low-life, citizen that call these streets their own.

Other factors contribute to the mayhem around here and they are not always seen until it is too late. Some say there are ghosts that haunt this section of the city, lost souls that once met a violent end themselves and are now taking revenge on the living. The locals refer to this as, "TOTS", Trick or Treat Surprises.

Others say it is the supernatural world at work, or that this area is a portal to other dimensions. You know, those kinds of dimensions where people walk into some sort of vortex and disappear forever.

But no matter what causes the deaths and disappearances, most have never been explained.

With that said, let's take a look at what's going on down in North-town.

A Coroner's Panel Truck is purposely parked so that it is blocking the entrance to the alley. And two uniformed policemen are standing guard while keeping an eye on the truck so someone doesn't take it.

Suddenly a woman approaches one of the uniformed officers, she flashes a badge and he lets her pass.


"Hay Howard! How's Trix?" asked the woman in a female version of a three-piece business suite.

The suite was well tailored in all the right places. It was black with very thin navy-blue pin stripes running vertically; except were curves were ample.

On her head was a hat that any well fashioned 1920's gangster would have killed for, except for the wide and mildly pinkish hat band that matched her vest.

It was obvious that her shoes were specially made, something a-kin to the sensible black high-buttoned shoes of days gone by. However there was a difference, they sported two inch high, (put a hole in your face), heels.

She didn't carry a handbag, or purse, no; she had pockets for the bare essentials. Like a silver cigarette case, a "Zippo" lighter, also silver plated, and a Smith & Wesson Snub-nosed 38, tucked neatly beneath her suite-coat. She always keeps it strapped into her shoulder-holster for safety reasons. Besides, who needs bulges where bulges don't belong?

There was no make-up on this woman's strikingly pretty face, what you saw was what you got; if you got anything at all.

Howard, the night-shift Coroner, looked up and replied, "Well if it isn't Detective Susan LaRay Quincy, the Cold Case from Homicide. Or are they still calling you Suzy Que at the office?"

"Oh How-ie, Sweetie, did you miss me? I missed you, kind of." Susan stated, then she smiled a warm but wicked smile in Howard's direction.

As she continued, she directed her attention to the victim, the  bloody body that was positioned dead center of the alley.

"Who is the dearly departed, How-ie, anyone we know?"

Howard stood up; his six-foot, two inch, stance seemed to tower over Susan, even with her high heels.

"It's Fish-face Lufkin from the Baker Street Gang. He took three slugs in the chest.

It must have been a large caliber weapon to put that sized holes in something; they are some of the biggest that I've ever seen.

Big Red Mulroney isn't going to be too happy about someone filling his Number One Boy full of holes; I smell a gang war brew-in."

Susan walked nearer to the body and asked, "Was he shot in the back?"

Howard shook his head, "no".

Susan replied, "Then why are the bullet holes in Fish-face’s back smaller in diameter than the ones in the front? Doesn’t a bullet leave a bigger hole coming out?"

"Now don't that beat all, you're right." Howard stated as he turned the body over again."

Susan continued by saying, "I’m thinking Fish-face came into the alley, maybe following someone, maybe they followed him, and then they got into a fight and out came the guns."

Howard cut in and continued the thought. "Yah, maybe Fish-face was getting the upper hand, so the other guy pulled a gun and plugged him. What do you think?"

Susan thought for a moment, and then asked, "Was Fish-face pack-in?"

Howard replied with a puzzled look on his chiseled face, "Now that you mention it, no, he had no weapons on him. Not a knife, or a gun, and that’s very unusual for any thug from Baker Street."

Susan opened her cigarette case and removed a nub of Black Licorice.

Howard laughed and asked, "Are you still doing the licorice chews? I would have thought that you would have given up by now."

"I haven't had a smoke in over a year," Susan stated, "but now I'm hooked on the blasted licorice. Would you like one?"

Howard laughed, then stated, "Sure, why not.

You know, Susan, one vice always seems to replace another. But I'm guessing that if all you got to worry about is licorice, well, more power to you."

You could almost see the light-bulb go on in Susan's head when she stated, "You know our theory is out the window, don't you? Unless the killer gathered up the weapons and took them with them, which would be odd.

Unless, Hmm, are you sure that those are bullet wounds in Fish-face?"

Howard laughed and said, "I think so, but I won't know for sure until I cut him open. Whatever put the holes in him and which side they went in first will have to wait. Why, what made you ask?"


Suddenly there was a masculine scream coming from the entrance to the alley, and when the two turned to see what was going on they couldn't believe their eyes!

It was a dragon-like beast, no hair, gun-metal gray, and on the end of each front leg were three toed feet with round, pointed, spikes protruding from each toe.

One of the Uniformed Officers was being held in the air while dangling from those deadly toes. And each spike of each toe was firmly stuck in the cop’s chest, with the tips sticking out his back.

"I think we know what killed Fish-face," Howard mumbled.

As for the other officer, he was gone; all that remained was his unfired gun, his hat, and one shoe.

As soon as the dangling officer went limp the beast quickly devoured him.

Susan had already drawn her 38 and was busily firing at the monster, with little effect.

As the beast drew near, Susan and Howard backed away from Fish-face's body. Then they made a hasty retreat and attempted to enter the only door leading into the brick building. It was locked and bolted from the inside.

The beast sniffed at the body of Fish-face, like a lion sniffs at a previous kill, then it devoured him too.

Susan and Howard were huddled together in the shadow of the doorway, hoping that the monster had forgotten that they were there.

It had not!

Closer and closer the beast came, sniffing the air like a cat on the prowl!

There was nowhere to go, nowhere to run, so Susan raised her weapon and fired the last two rounds. "Bang, Bang!" The beast barley flinched.

Instead of falling down dead the monster stuck its slimy nose out to sniff the two waiting victims.

That is when Susan, in a probable fit of desperation, screamed the word, "NO!!!"

To her utter surprise the beast backed away. It backed away as if no-one had ever scolded it before, as if no-one had ever told it "NO".

So Susan did it again, trying to be loader than before, as if that were possible.

The beast back away even more.

Not wanting to be the cowardly lion, Howard gave it a try. He charged at the monster and screamed, "Get lost, you freak!"

Well, the beast drew it's head back as if someone had slapped it on the nose, then it opened its bat-like wings and flew up and into the darkness of the night.

"I've got to get a bigger gun!" Susan said with a halfhearted laugh attached.

"And I got to start pack-in one," Howard replied, with the look of dead seriousness on his face.


Soon after this incident, Susan and Howard went to a gun shop and ordered two matching .357 caliber hand guns, with special ammo.

A monster-dragon nearly devouring two people can create a bonding experience.

Also, there was a top level investigation into, "The Alley Incident". At least that is what the Top Brass liked to call it.

The beast was never seen in the city again and nothing was ever decided about trying to find it, so the whole indecent became one of the city's many Cold Cases.

But we know why the beast high-tailed it out of town! Don't we?

Anything that smells of Licorice must have eaten Licorice, just as Susan and Howard did. So it is safe to say that their Licorice breath saved them; at least that is what they thought.

Like Dracula and his fear of Garlic, they figured that Licorice must be toxic to the beast. Thus, the beast avoids it at all costs.

Well, at least that was the theory that Susan and Howard came up with.

So the two would be monster hunters lubricated their new guns with the oil extract from a Licorice Plant. They also applied the same oil to their ammunition and they pressed bits of Licorice into the hollow-points of their bullets; then they went looking for the beast.

It took a few months of tracking before they finally found the monster. It had made a nest, of sorts, in an abandoned salt mine.

"A place where people seldom go and plants can't grow," so Susan says, but that is just another theory.

Susan and Howard were a tad on the smelly side as they approached the beast, thanks to a very enjoyable Licorice-oil rubdown.

And after a few bullets were fired the helpless beast crawled into the salt mine and died of a Licorice overdose.

Poor Beast-ie.


But nothing goes to waist in North-town. Susan now has a matching set of Dragon Boots, hand bag, and jacket; Howard just went for a Dragon-skinned jacket and a wallet.

As far as the meat went, I hear Rock-O-Burgers has a special going, while supplies last; two for the price of one, Dragon Burgers.



D. Thurmond / JEFalcon


© Copyright 2020 D. Thurmond aka JEF. All rights reserved.

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