A Heart Empowered

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Submitted: September 29, 2018

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Submitted: September 29, 2018



A Heart Empowered

Sometimes amidst all the struggles and the strife,

And with all the ups and downs of life,


All we have to do is stare up at the sky,

and ponder in amazement and ask ourselves why.


Why do we sometimes forget the beauty of the earth we are on,

the majestic sun and mystical clouds which are second to none?


Is it because of all the suffering we see?

Because perhaps seeing suffering can empower us to be,

Be more sensitive, compassionate and kind,

In a world where personal interest has caused some to be blind.


Not blind by sight but blind by heart,

For a heart that sees beauty and emanates beauty,

A heart that sees love and emanates love,

A heart that sees goodness and emanates goodness,

Is an empowered heart which can make a profound difference.


And this indeed is what my faith has taught me,

That if this piece of flesh in my body,

My heart, is good,

Then all can be good.


That if my heart is kind and forgiving,

Then life will become easier for living.


So the next time you feel overwhelmed by suffering or strife,

Stare up at that miraculous sky to remember,

the beauty of life.


And put your hand on your heart and remind yourself,

With every beat and every breath,

You still have an opportunity,

To bring hope, joy and inspiration,

To whomever you may see.

© Copyright 2019 Raghad Ebied. All rights reserved.

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