Graveyard Guilt

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Submitted: September 29, 2018

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Submitted: September 29, 2018



I want to tear down the structures of patriarchal oppression.

But, I'm a cis white male guilty of mirco-aggression.


Depression, recession & relentless obsession with Death.

But, the death of who?

The death of me. The death of you.

The punks & the hippies

Say death to the status quo

I say its fuckin capitalism that’s got to go! Seriously, no pride on stolen land!

Just another gay white boy

Born with a privileged hand.

The odds are sharp & the deck is stacked.

Most of us be consumed with anxiety & panic attacks.

They march with the banks & the corporate donors

Jerking each other off with plastic rainbow boners.


Look how generous we are!
Hmm, Yeah, they fly so high.

Riding the wings of genocide.

Hearts broken & lives destroyed.

Its fine, we gave them free education & money to survive.

It's fuckin pathetic, I won't pretend to get it.

I never will, but it's what we got.

I can’t escape this guilt & shame

I can't escape the materialistic bombardment.

Shit, that's why I grow plants & garden.

I can't escape this guilt & shame

Colonialism is fucked. Did you hear me?  COLONIALISM IS FUCKED!

Some white folk say they don't see colour.

They scream! That wasn't me! I wasn't there!

I don't care if your black, brown or asian.

As long as you’re a productive member of white supremacist nation.


It's not my fault. I wasn't there!

Doesn't matter.

Our collective to burden bare.

Feel that guilt, feel that shame, feel that karmic ancestral pain.

It needs to be processed, honored & acknowledged.

Held. Mmmm yeah, let that sit.

Did I offend you?

Are you uncomfortable with this?

© Copyright 2019 Shawn Gray. All rights reserved.

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