Learning to Swim

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Did you go there again?

Where the minutes become hours,

And the hours become days,

And the days become weeks,

And the weeks become months,

And maybe, someday

Those months will become years.

Where your life slips away

Moment by moment

Like a movie montage.

But the music is just ragged breathing

And sometimes quiet sobs.

Where thinking morphs into dreaming,

And there’s not much difference between the two,

So you just call them both dreaming

And call it a day.

Where you spend your abstract concept of time floating.

In what, you can’t say.

But you know you’re floating.


Except when you start to drown.


Are you drowning?

Did you ever learn to swim?


Did you go back to that place again?

That island of apathy

That grounds you for a moment.

But how long is a moment

When moments become hours,

And hours become days,

And days become weeks…




How long have you been here?

Where the sunrise and sunset

Are just the same damn sun again,

And the distance between point A and point B

Might as well be light years.

And you hear the condemnation.

And you see the looks of pity.

And you know.

There’s a way out.

But Where?

Did you ever learn to swim?

Did you ever learn to build yourself a boat?

Or do you just know how to tread water when you need to?

When there’s nothing but water for miles.

When you’re tired of drowning.


Did you go there again?

Where the trees sing you songs

And they lure you to sleep.

And the others there with you try to help you,

But really they all just tangle in each other in a coil,

Like fire ants

Making themselves into their own life raft.

And maybe it does prevent the drowning.

Or hold it off.

As long as you’re together,

Smiling through the pain,

Joking about wanting to just

Choke the water down already,

Laughing at those jokes,

Screaming, “We’re all mad here!”

And isn’t that better?

Isn’t that something?

But sometimes you drift off,

And you never learned how to swim,

So you let yourself sink.

Like a rock.

And all you see is darkness.




The one ray of light

Streaming from the surface.

It’s just a dot from here.

But that is enough.

You know

If you can see that dot,

You can learn how to swim.

Submitted: September 29, 2018

© Copyright 2021 Kaleena H. All rights reserved.

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