Killer Butterflies

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Submitted: September 29, 2018

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Submitted: September 29, 2018



Why do I feel this way when I think about you?

Its like there are killer butterflies

Trying to find their way out

At first it’s just a flutter or two or three

Innocent and happy thoughts

And then it stirs

As the situation circles my head

It swirls

It turns

Until I shoo it away with smoke

A remedy that manages to numb the pain

Just for a little while


I climb higher and higher

Searching for relief

Sometimes I’m high enough to forget everything

Sometimes I’m lucid enough to feel everything

There’s not really an in between

Because in between was preoccupied with our relationship


You see, we were in limbo, you and me

Fighting the tide as it brought us in, closer together

Then out, washing us away

I know your reasons for bringing us out to sea

I felt the ocean mist in every touch

But baby the waves were too strong

I was drowning in search of your love

You kept guiding me to the surface only to then let me slip under again

Sending me back into the waves where I was lost in the first place


I don't blame you for not knowing what to do

Hell, I hadn’t known what to do with myself for years

But see that's where I came in

I was to guide you as you guided me in this crazy world

We were supposed to venture the earth's terrain

Overcome the tallest of mountains

Swim past all of our troubles



That was up to you

You saw the possibilities

You knew where I stood

Baby you were supposed to take my hand

But you decided to let go

You watched me go under

And you helped it pull me down



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