The Gaze

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Submitted: September 29, 2018

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Submitted: September 29, 2018



“The lovers are meeting after a long time. There is bloodshed taking place in the battlefield. Some of them are dead, some are fighting and others hiding. The place is in chaos. But here, there’s nothing but silence. It’s a moment of happiness for both. But time is running out. Neither of them wishes to leave. What if she never sees him again? But she knew she had to leave for now. But before that they wished to make the best out of this beautiful opportunity.

She had no time, nor had he.

Neither of them wished to

answer the parents or the major’s call.

She knew she had to make it.

Her breaths echoing in the hallway.

Silence dim enough to hear his anxious heartbeat,

getting more and more synchronized with her steps.

His heart missed a beat as she swung open the door.

But didn’t dare to look behind.

Her gasps were quite now and the heart was silent

in the unperturbed tranquillity of the room.

He made his first move.

His vision fixed on her as she coyly stood at the door.

Her hair swayed across her face.

Her eyes fixed on his shadow.

Long silent calmness envelopes them

and they stood motionless in the moonlight.

The heart never felt so heavy

nor the sweat felt so cold.

The cool breeze kissed her wet forehead

and her warm body shivered.

She stared down at his shadow on the marble floor

and closer came his shadow

and so did his words to his lips.

Urging to break into a delicate smile.

Yearning to drown her portrait into him.

One that would never fade,

which even time could not hate.

She clutched her sweaty hands

and looked straight into his everlasting gaze.

Silence enclosed them yet again

but the trees were in never-ending chatter.

No wonder the breeze was restless too.

The room itself waited in anticipation.

Even they themselves were,

so that a word could be heard.

But who knew the conversation

had already begun:

With shimmering eyes, he said:

“Long had I been waiting

since the hour I left

till the moment where now I stand,

yearning to see my beloved.

Whom I might not have tend to

when desolate.

When my love may have smiled

through pain or in delight.”

“Say not so my dear

for I have too, same as you.

May not you see,

but I do stay,I do fight, I do hide,

I do cry, I do smile,

beside you.

The time is wicked

but truly divine as now

but will not last long.”

“Don’t wet your flushed cheeks, my love.

The moment now seems infinite.

I could embrace you, but no

because a lot to say.

Blood is mine, but life you.

Blood may shed, but my life shall not.

Must you go, my love.

Danger lies here.

Seeing you, hadn’t I kissed you.

Yes, time is wicked.

Deliberately would have flown if I did.”

“My dear,

Then might take care.

For prayers and not the blood,

is in my reach.

Now shall I go,

leaving my soul with you.”

And the room vibrates turbulently

due to an explosion boom.

Looking into his deep watery eyes,

one last time,

forcing a heavy smile,

she left.

Leaving him alone

with the rustling leaves

which no longer seemed to hum.

“Have I disappointed you?” he asked.

“Your expectation I did fulfil.

Refused to hear, your fault.

But we talked a lot.”

He said with a beaming smile.

“So long after…”

Wiping off his tears from his warm face,

he wondered.

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