Blue Eyes, Blonde Hair

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Submitted: September 29, 2018

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Submitted: September 29, 2018



Through your golden locks of pure, beautiful, blonde hair bringing out your crystal blue eyes so immersing 

You have me hypnotised from the first time you've entered the club

When I felt that all hopes were lost yet feeling a sense of anticipation for someone new to enter into my life while I'm waiting there with my eyes open, welcoming as are my arms

You, the woman who visited my dreams, more beautiful than how my imagination can picture 

It's like you soak all the beauty around you, and you can't help but to harness the energy of beauty as it radiates from you

Everytime we meet, you get more and more gorgeous 

I often fantasize of you holding me in your gentle arms as sweet as you are

Though I may not have a clue who you are

The world can't tell me you don't exist because I feel it in my heart, your presence 

Though I may not have a first hand love experience thus far yet, I gather the strong suspision that you know what I want it to be, what I dreamed of it being

Have nothing to hide from you, I'm an open book without a secret to withhold from you while other guys are looking to play games, I'm looking to remain loyal to one gal

To be in a fiery, passionate, committing relationship that always feels new

Dreaming of recieving a sealed kiss from your smooth, glossy, strawberry lips

I can imagine you and me everytime I close my eyes drifting off to sleep, what a blissful picture it is to hold for I know that day is coming!

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