Calla Rain

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Submitted: September 29, 2018

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Submitted: September 29, 2018



Languid perennials croon beneath morning washed slate;

warm, calla rain spiraling down your petaled staircase.

Fingertips echo their givings for resonance of pistils that quake

in the gravity of their inhales

in the passing of their exhales

harmoniously moaning against coiled fear

in hands

that will forever tread on unknown skin.

Our skin of such impossible unknowns that become a familiar voice caressing your truth,

or, the silhouette of a face sleeping opposite of yours

in the same darkness you have always loved.

Grey sleepless nights once cradled your tired frame beneath a glittering sill of question;

imploring you to ask of this world If there could be someone out there for someone like you... something real.

something pure.

So great in its deliverance that you should dare cling to these keepings of grace,

shuddering in their faith of everything you were afraid to want.

Born from these nights

two fissured, kissed lives

Tremble leap

in trust woven sheets

through Wisteria blooms

In harmony

© Copyright 2019 E. S. Moreaux. All rights reserved.

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