You're the one to blame

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This is for all the broken hearts out there, that got cheated on. Yeah I am there with you.

Submitted: September 30, 2018

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Submitted: September 30, 2018



Her heart? You broke that. The game? You won that. Now she'll never be the same. You're the one to blame. You're sorry? Hell fuck that!! The lies you spread. Just more knives in her heart.

As for love? Fuck that! She gave up. She is a walking talking dead girl. Her heart is too broken to even be carried anymore. You did that. You're the one to blame. She tried, she cried and then she died.

You're sorry for all that? No. You're sorry because you got caught. She had the misfortune of feeling all that. Her heart? What heart? It's on the floor where you and your new girl tapped danced all over that. Her heart? It's barley beating. She's barley breathing.

You're sorry? No she's sorry. She's sorry for falling for you and trusting you. She's sorry for wasting so much time on you while you spread your lies like a fire. She feels all that. Remember she once loved you and went through hell for you.

You're the one to blame. Did you like the game? Because she didn't. She didn't like the pain but you seemed to have liked what you gained.. The game? Yeah you won now, go and get your trophy and sit the fuck down. Because you're the one to blame..

-Shae Kamerer

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