What That Mouth Do?

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Submitted: September 30, 2018

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Submitted: September 30, 2018



What That Mouth Do?


What that mouth do?

A question asked to be answered,

By the utmost loneliest souls.

A question to be considered,

By some called trolls.


What that mouth do?


Well, let me tell you,

And let me speak truth.

What my mouth do

Might very well disinterest you.


What that mouth do?


My mouth, a vital part of who I am

Can muster a puree of beautiful words.

Its favorite word is damn-

For profanity is expressive and preferred.


What that mouth do?


It can sing, however

Not a very appealing tune.

But my mouth will forever

Chant, in hopes to swoon.


What that mouth do?


It can eat, a lot

Chicken, ribs, mac and cheese.

My mouth can devour whatever is sought,

And leave my soul pleased.


What that mouth do?

It can annihilate you with its words

Because it doesn’t like to be censored.

For my mouth is not like a bird-

Expressing myself in whispers.


What that mouth do?


It can offer attitude

To those who plan to manipulate

It rather speak gratitude

But not any time soon at this rate.


What that mouth do?


Basically anything that you don’t care about,

And nothing that you want.

It didn’t plan to be a doubt,

But my mouth will leave you daunt.


What that mouth do?


A lot for myself,

But not so much for you.

Because my mouth is true to herself,

And does not exist for fools.


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