Ohh This Life by Postulado Vicino Dios Un Copista

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Submitted: September 30, 2018

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Submitted: September 30, 2018



Ummm yeah yeah this life is just like a mask. You only wear it at the suitable environments only. If thee life were it like this then life would be easier and better.

No matter where we are what we do we all need direction. We can not flow as if we are gormless fellows but we head in a distinct direction. For no amount of words can portray anyone but rather the works of that someone. Only the wise in this life, live the fantabulous lifes then the poor may always utter the words life isn't fair. Yeah life isn't fair but if it was fair would you be a different someone is the question. We may travel all around the globe in search of a solution yet the solution is us. "It is about that we see our importance on a large scale not seeing ourselves as empty vessels." (Postuladian Artistry; 2018).

Postulation is through the thinking of one outside the normal expected thinking rate. This is also know as thinking outside the box. Thinkers must think beneficial information rather that thinking of non other than creche kid under supervision. If you add up the whole pieces of life, it may not make sense at first but be patient add your own ideals for the pieces to add up to give you a goal. Since day one of being born you are born a champion, a hero or heroine but all of a sudden everything is eroded. The brainwashing of our generation on the nowa moment it is leading to serious levels of poverty. Do not die with hunger yet you have food in your mouth....

Yeah Yeah Yeah i may love the rhytm of these words but the rhytm against the real wave don't match together. Be foolish enough to hold yourself together at hard times rather than shattering yourself everywhere like broken glass.

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