Beginning of the end

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Submitted: September 30, 2018

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Submitted: September 30, 2018




 Seeing the eternity being tormented

Seeing The blazing fire, reach and burn the infinite screams asking for a hand

Listening to the wind carrying the burnt thoughts across the ocean

The ashes flying as if loaded with elation


The end was not near, for this was the end.

In this war, there were not any kings fighting for glory

Nor any heros writing their story

There were not any Gods sacrificing their lives

Though there were demons, the ones carved inside


I have seen everything, more than this world

I have been many things, but not what I was meant to be, you see

There is a beauty behind my destruction

May not it seem, as much of an action


I must tell you the very reason of my rage

For I think, to you, your death is not fair


Not too long ago, I was given birth

From my very own beautiful Mother Earth

A little bird I was at first under the mysterious sky

And above the mysterious seas

Where the enormous creatures seek


What could in centuries

Go wrong with My Mother’s creation

Heartbreaking it was, to see all the divided nations


After traveling for a while

I stopped by a river

Before my eyes there was a beautiful site.

A beautiful woman sat by a river with a knife in one hand

And a life in the other.


As soon as I looked away

The voice filled with fear echoed in my ears

I looked back at that beautiful woman

Who blood on her hands and a dead body in another

My eyes could not bear that sight , here I decided to take a flight

My body grew hair and limbs

I would say, I looked like my mother

Who is more beautiful than any other


Feeling my Mother’s kin underneath mine

Feeling her warm blanket on my shoulders

I know I’m safe , I know that I’m brave


That woman stood near the river with awe as my feet approached her

Her eyes were a broken dream

Her hair ran down like a stream

“Would there be a reason behind that creature’s demise?”

I saw the uncertainty rise

“Oh, that poor creature gave its life for me to fill mine”


Isn´t my mother their mother?

Isn’t a mother the one who takes us in her arms and fulfill our very needs?


 I traveled miles and miles Under the starry sky

The many places I saw, the many faces that made me cry

I know that many try but not all do

Do you?


Merely the humanity destroyed my Mother

How may I forgive any other?


The indignation, toward your nation

Is now the end of your creation


I see the eternity being tormented

I see the blazing fire, reach and burn the infinite screams asking for a hand

I listen to the wind the is carrying the burnt thoughts across the ocean

I see the ashes fly as if loaded with elation


When I, the daughter of your mother shattered your world

I gave birth to a bird

That planted the seeds of humanity


At last, there came a morning ,a morning of love

When all the hate risen(in the past) disappeared above

It was a morning, when the golden light was gleaming

Coming out of the old, rusting cage

I believed that I was not dreaming

As soon as I stepped out

I heard the beautiful creatures shout

Why would their beautiful voices raise a doubt?

I wandered in the woods, crying for an answer,

What I saw was enough to tell me

There is love

But, buried in the box of beliefs.


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