Love Is A Rising

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Submitted: September 30, 2018

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Submitted: September 30, 2018



He came into my life like a wave,

rising slowly from a tumultuous sea

of past regrets and blackened dreams.


Yet he was clean,

crashing down upon me

with the trickling purity of the divine.


Gentle, kind-

the way his eyes bore into mine.

and for the very first time,

my voice held the weight of a siren’s song.


Soft lips, unhurried kisses-

the kind that warms your body like a blanket

and rests in the simmering of your blood.


His love does not over-boil.

It bubbles up to the surface,

staining the water

in tingling contrails of sugary bliss.


The way he makes us one-

moving inside of me in soft swells.

He is a chaste tide which locks me in,

pinning my soul to his with intention.


I spent my whole life looking

for the flame, the heat,

but love isn’t the blazing of an inferno,

it’s the burning of the embers.


It isn’t the patter of rain

upon a hungry ground,

It’s the billowing of clouds

in an open sky.


It isn’t the bursting forth

of angry water from a churning sea,

It’s the ebb and flow

of the vast and tranquil ocean.


And if, one day, he drifts away

with the changing of the tide,

I can thank him for teaching me this-

Love isn’t a falling, it is a rising.

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