My Canine

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I don't need another human being by my side. All I need, is my canine.

Submitted: September 30, 2018

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Submitted: September 30, 2018



There he is.

The furry one,

The one on four legs,

The one who lives on the ground,

The one sniffs the world,

The one who barks at the world,

The one who wishes to eat the world.

The one who possess innocence like no human would ever know.


The one who is hairy,

Who is wheaten,

Who is terrier,

Who is tan,

Who is white,

Who is black,

Who is crazy,

Who is wild,

Who aggravating.


Who is soft,

Who is lovely,

Who is adorable,

Who is precious,

Who is sweet.


Sweeter than the luscious chocolates,

Gentler than the smoothest massages,

Happier than the biggest party,

Lazier than the worst co-worker.


The one who is always here,

Who is always beside me,

Who is never missing,

Who is willing to stand with me,

Who is ready to adventure with me,

Who is able to stick with me through the hardest times.

He is here.


He is my friend,

He is my companion,

He is my brother,

He is my love.


He is my dog.


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