Orb Colors

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The different meanings of orb colors.

Submitted: September 30, 2018

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Submitted: September 30, 2018



Light Colored Orbs. Those of silver, white, yellowish or translucent are considered to be spirits seeking immediate contact.

Green indicates nature spirits and might be indicitive of animal spirit guides, thoses who create healing energy through contact.

Blue, these are considered to be benefiicent and protective human spirits, those of caring family and friends.

Red-Orange, these can be seen as less than friendly and may indicate a spirit which is attached to a place rather than a person. Protective of that place, the spirit may be percieved as threatening at times.

Dark Colored Orbs. Harder to spot, those which appear as any shade of dark, these indicate a 'stuck spirit' or one of a lower vibration. Caused by some less than creative action taken, that which deeply affected them while still residing in the body, these types of orbs are presented as a spirit not able to move forward into the next phase of their journey because of some deep pain which was experienced.

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