my distorted tree

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Submitted: September 30, 2018

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Submitted: September 30, 2018



Have you ever had the feeling that nothing was real anymore? Like all the things and all the people around you lost their sense of being. 

And it’s like you can see them

But then disent see you. 

It’s like you’re living in a parallel universe where you’re the only one. 

I’m some way its such a peaceful feeling but it’s so easy to loose yourself in it. 

It gives you the chance to disconnect, stop time and look. 

If you stay there long enough you get to understand a lot of things about yourself. You get to understand that you have the power to change everything. You’re in control. 

But it’s so easy to loose control, to loose the notion of time. 

It’s been months I’m lost in here and all I do is run and scream and going deeper in the forest. Because I’m scared. 

But now I’ve hit a tree. 

I don’t know how and I don’t know why, but something was different with that tree. 

Half of his branch were broken but the air around him was more pure. His trunk was dancing in the wind and his roots were touching all the other trees in the forest. And when I backed off to admire it, every thing had changed. 

I didn’t had to run anymore; I was back home. 

That tree was real. 

The only real thing I’ve touched in a while now and probably in my whole life. 

And in a second, my world changed. Everything I knew before I lost myself was different. 



You saved me. 

I’ll do anything to keep you alive. 

Rebuild your broken branch and burn every one who tries to burn you. 

Now, nothing will take you away from me. 


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